A large number of registrated plant protection products from the category of fungicides that are based on the most important chemical groups (аcylalanines, anilides, anilinopyrimidines, benzimidazoles, dithiocarbamates, phenylpyrrole, phosphonates, phthalimides, guanidines, quinones, chloronitriles, imidazoles, carboxamides, methoxy carbamates, inorganic copper compounds, oxazolidinediones, strobilurins, thiourea, toludines, triazoles, ureas). Products are used in: floriculture, viticulture, fruit growing, vegetable growing, plant nursery and crop production.

Formulation types: EC, EW, FS, ME, SL, SC, WG, WP.

Further information on products from the category of fungicides is available upon request.

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